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Flexol Range

Flexols are anhydrous grades of Ethanol which have been blended with solvents such as Ethyl Acetate, n-Propyl Acetate and n-propanol. The primary uses of Flexols are in flexographic printing applications. 'Flexol� is a Wilmar trademark product and these are manufactured to high quality standards. A huge range of blends already exist, however new blends can be customised to suit specific customer requirements.

Most common Flexol Blends are:

Flexol E1 - 99% ethanol / 1% Ethyl Acetate

Flexol P20 - 80% ethanol / 20% Propanol

Flexol PAP 15/15 - 70% ethanol / 15% Propanol / 15% Propyl Acetate

If you require a different blend please contact Customer Service or your Account Manager.

It is available in 20L pails, 200L Drums, 1000L IBC's or Bulk Tankers.

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