Wilmar BioEthanol is a leading Australian producer and importer of ethanol products, supplying a significant share to the Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Printing and General Industrial markets as well as supplying the growing fuel market in Australia.

All Wilmar BioEthanol ethanol (ethyl alcohol) is derived from Sugar Cane or its by-product molasses.

We manufacture pure and methylated ethanol to meet the demands of a wide range of applications: the printing industry, cosmetics, toiletries, aerosols, industrial chemicals, household cleaners, pharmaceutical, medical and biological products, food and beverages, flavours and fragrances and surface coatings.

We’ve created our own innovative products for flexographic and gravure printing solvents,  cleaning solutions, and refrigeration products. These products are marketed under the registered trade name Flexol, Cleansol and Alcool.

Apart from our Ethanol range we also supply range of Fertilisers and Specialty Ingredients.

However our commitment to excellence doesn’t stop at the factory gate. We provide a transport and delivery service across Australia. We also offer a wide range of pack sizes.


Documents of interest from Government departments regarding ethanol for sanitiser: