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Abbreviation: Dunder

Standard biodunder for use in a broad range of crop and fallow situations


Abbreviation: LTD

LTD is the concentrate of Urea, Biodunder and Sulfuric acid used as a base in most of the blends. It is very rarely used as a straight product. May be used to topdressing applications in irrigated corn. It should not be loaded straight without advice from Rob Sluggett or John Turner.

Corn 1

Abbreviation: Corn 1

Corn 1 is for pre-plant application to fields to be planted to corn.

Corn 2

Abbreviation: Corn 2

A pre-plant corn blend where high P levels are required.

Corn 3

Abbreviation: Corn 3

Specific blend for pre-plant use on pumpkins in the Burdekin

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