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These grades of Ethanol are manufactured using our Ethanol ' 95 Neutral Cane Spirit. This highly rectified Ethanol is manufactured to a high quality, ensuring that the product has a very neutral odour. This makes this grade perfect for applications requiring very low odour, such as fragrances, aftershaves and hair care products.

Once the approved denaturants are added, the Ethanol is non-potable and only suitable for these applications.

Our description for this product is 95PG.

A permit from the ATO may be required for some 95PGFx products. See Table Below.

It is available in 20L pails, 200L drums, 1000L IBC's and Bulk Tankers.

F2 0.5% Diethyl Phthalate Permit Required
F3 2% Methanol Permit Required
F4 0.25% Tertiary Butyl Alcohol No Permit Required
F6 16gm/kl Denatonium Benzoate (Bitrex) No Permit Required