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Alcool Range of products are based on Ethanol made from 100% natural sugar cane. Being a renewable resource, it is classified as Greenhouse Friendly. Carbon Dioxide released into the atmosphere during manufacture is reabsorbed by the growing cane.

Customs Approved

A permit is not required to purchase Alcool as it is customs approved.

Is your brine system legal?

According to AS1940 (The Australian Standards for the Storage and Handling of Flammable Liquids) ethanol solutions greater than 24% ethanol may be classified as flammable and therefore, may not comply with the standard. We have recognised the problem facing Australian manufacturers and have designed a new antifreeze which allows you to achieve brine solutions with less than 24% ethanol strength whilst achieving optimum refrigeration temperatures.

Inhibits Corrosion

Your piping and cooling need a stable and reliable corrosion free brine. Alcool products contain a corrosion inhibitor that will prevent corrosion. And because we already added corrosion inhibitor to our Alcool products you won't have the inconvenience of mixing it yourself.

Leak Detection

Alcool products contain a bright pink dye to aid detection of leaks in your refrigeration system. The dye can also be removed from most surfaces with a little household bleach.

Technical Support

We also offer technical support to assist in achieving optimum refrigeration temperatures and top up concentration levels. Please contact our Technical Department for more information on our alcool products.

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