Enzymes are being increasingly used in manufacturing as a processing aid or to create a new product. Industries who use enzymes are : dairy, meat, fruit juice, wine, sugar milling, brewing, chemical, complimentary healthcare, animal nutrition and the cleaning industry to name just a few.

Enzyme Use and Benefits

  • Dietary Supplements : pharmaceutical grade enzymes to maximise the health in your body
  • Food Processing Enzymes : starch processing in sugar milling, creating unique flavours in the dairy and food industries, and for clarification of fruit juice and wine.
  • Animal Nutrition : feed grade enzymes to enhance nutrition uptake.
  • Chemical Industrial : enzymes for detergents and cleaning products.

Key Properties

Enzymes bind to molecules, accelerate reaction times and are selective. Enzyme reactions can improve quality, alter flavour, increase solubility, breakdown waste or unwanted components and promote greater availability of components for nutrition.

We have a wide range of enzymes available for customers in Australia and New Zealand.

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