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It takes a super fuel to power a Supercar

For the V8 Supercars, it does not get any sweeter than the E85 that has powered its V8 beasts since the start of the 2009 season.

V8 Supercars which governs the country's biggest category of motor racing decided on the move to E85 fuel, due to its performance capabilities and its positive impact on the environment. This is a great fit with Sucrogen Bioethanol E85 which provides a cleaner, greener alternative fuel.

Off the back of the V8 Supercars using E85, Holden has launched its new flex-fuel VE Series II Commodore - the first Australian made car capable of running on E85.

To ensure availability of the fuel, Caltex has committed to installing 100 E85 pumps across metropolitan and regional petrol stations. E85 fuel offers a great range of benefits for the consumer and the environment.

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