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Why use our fertilisers?

Wilmar AgServices' liquid fertilisers have a number of positive attributes, namely;

  • Liquid fertilisers contain nutrients that are readily available for rapid plant uptake to allow maximum growth
  • Our contractors efficient application service reduces the growers labour and machinery requirements
  • Organic carbon levels are in the order of 10%, which may act as a soil conditioner and contribute to soil microbial activity and soil health
  • Heavy Metals in BioDunder and Liquid One Shot products are well below the maximum permitted concentrations
  • BioDunder is a 'soft form of potash that does not burn plant roots
  • Organic nitrogen compounds in Biodunder are readily mineralised by soil microbial activity and contribute to the nitrogen nutrition of the crop
  • BioDunder is appropriate for use on sodic/saline soils as a soil ameliorant in some situations
  • BioDunder contains a number of beneficial trace elements